When You’re Inspired.

You’re In Spirit.

Connect With Your Highest Self.

Healing. Balance. Energy. Focus. Strength.

Holding the intention and vision of helping others and building an inspired community.



Reiki Healing & Intuitive Reading

Feel rejuvenated and supported.

Series of Spiritual Mentorship

Shift into your most inspired self.

Private Group Reiki

Catered group meditation and healing.

Crystal Shop

Reiki infused crystals with love and healing vibes. Check out some of our crystals at our shop!

What Inspires Me?

I am a Channeling Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher with Davidji, Founder Of The Academy For The Inspired, Intuitive Reader, Crystal and Sound Healer. My passion is to touch the hearts of those I encounter and to teach them how to consciously create their life through the understanding that every thought, word, or action shifts the energy in their field and creates their destiny. My sessions are designed to help clients discover their purpose, provide insight into their life, spiritual guidance and support their goals.

My firm intention is to help people connect to their highest self and support transformation.  

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Delray Beach, FL.